In this 6-week coaching session, you will receive daily motivation that will allow you to delve into your inner-self and connect with yourself holistically in order to figure out your passions, expression, and voice.

You will also be guided into discovering and/or activating your own ideas for a social change project of your choosing, while developing new artistic skills and insights that will catapult you into living a more empowered lifestyle! 

This course includes:

Daily Mediations and Affirmations

Weekly 1:1 Conversations

Goal Setting

Articles & Activities

Art(s) Instruction

Resources Galore!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Full of heART!

As an educator, artist, and healer, I've spent many years trying to figure out who I am. Because I was gifted with many interests and talents, I had a hard time figuring out my direction. I knew that I cared deeply about the ills in our society and that I had a passion to empower people to be who they were created to be.

While working with beautiful and courageous women at a human trafficking organization, I realized that my purpose was to help others figure out their purpose so that they could fill the world with the love that it needs. During this course, I will walk with you as you discover the totality of yourself so that you can spring forward to a brighter future! -Love, Tye

Your Investment in You!

Learn to Love Yourself More

You will receive a daily meditation and affirmation. We call this MA Time and it is designed for you to 'mother yourself'. During this time, you'll be suggestions to do inner work so that you can feel renewed and actively practice self-care. You will rediscover your hopes and dreams, get tips on health and nutrition, while learning to use your effectively use your energy while staying balanced.

Develop Cultural Sensitivity and Empathy

Through activities that highlight a variety of cultures, we will build a safe space to explore, ask questions, and get questions answered. Using articles, video, and discussions, you will be learn more about others, explore biases, and generate a toolkit of information that you can use to be a voice for the voiceless.

Create, Don't Wait!

While discovering and activating your voice, you will use your talents and skills to design a project based on an issue in which you care. Along the way, you will experiment with different art forms and find new ways to express yourself.